Why use the Scherer System?

1. Saves time and money because it's fast and efficient.
2. Expedites the physical chop-building process for technical proficiency.
3. Facilitates the development of original creative musical artistic talent.

Why use the traditional method?

  1. Musicological non-creative functions. ie music theory.
  2. Industry business model for education and entertainment sectors.
  3. Parody act to mock real artists or vicarious fantacy fulfilment

Why is Scherer not yet the prevailing standard ?

  1. The current standard is ensconced in fabric of society and resistant to upgrade.
  2. Marketing such a paradigm shift is a challenge that takes time.

Which method is better for musicians and for the art of music in general?

The rigid structure of the conventional method is limited to music theory and cover songs.
The old school approach outlived its usefullness and exhausted its creative potential.
Only Scherer helps true musicians, the real artists who create their own original music.
Scherer breathes new life into the art with infinit creative potential.

Does artistic integrity matter at all — or is it OK to make a mockery of music?

Yes and no, respectfully.

If true art is an original creation, then it logicaly follows that interpretations of it are technically not true art.
Musical mockery, ie cover songs, is OK only if performed as a parody, otherwise it's a shameful travesty.
It takes courage and confidence to be original, instead of beinging one of the clones.
It's much easier just to cower behind the facade of a simulation and grovel for approval.

Is there any benefit in faking it, or are there serious consequences for such behavior?

No and yes, respectfully.

Ego gratification, pretentious pleasure satisfaction mimicking a popular celebrity, it is nevertheless a pathetic practice.
Be true to yourself, or follow the herd of clones over the cliff into the obyss of psuedo-musicianship.
The more you fake it, the less you create. It's simple math. Only a tiny fraction of all musicians create original music.
The exponential effect of trillions of fakes over time will cause a huge cultural black hole and suck civilization into oblivion.

But what about the innocent amateur who just wants to .....?

Again, the conventional method is a fatally flawed farce. It's an exercise in futility that's doomed to failure.
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